What to Reasonably Expect from Your Attorney

Grand Rapids, Michigan Family Law Attorneys

If your divorce case is not progressing the way you had hoped, or you’re frustrated with the lack of communication between you and your lawyer, you do have a right to make a change. You do not want to choose your lawyer lightly, but, conversely, you are not obligated to stay where your needs are not being met.

Promptly returned phone calls and follow-up communications to inform clients of case status are actions clients can and should reasonably expect from their attorney. Contact DAWN (Divorce Attorneys for Women), in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for personal attention, an appointment when you need one, and ready access to a team of people.

When you place full faith and credit in your attorney, and spend considerable time, money, and effort to accomplish your goals, you should feel your attorney is working hard in your best interest. If there are elements of the following, you have legitimate concerns and may wish to seek new, more attentive legal representation.

  • Mistrust
  • No looking out for your best interest
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Pressure to do something you don’t want to do

If you feel uninformed as to the status of your case, or that your attorney is not digging deeply enough, remember that changing divorce lawyers is an option available to you. It is reasonable to expect:

  • Empathy
  • Your phone calls to be returned within one day
  • To understand the direction your case is taking
  • To know where your case is in the process
  • To know what work is yet to be done to adequately represent you
  • Your appointments to be kept
  • Basic courtesy

If you are considering changing divorce lawyers because you feel your needs may be better met than they are currently, contact a divorce attorney for women at DAWN for your complimentary consultation. Feel confident in your choice of attorney, and, in turn, feel confident in yourself.